On this 5-hour excursion with a private driver and guide, travel to Rome’s countryside to visit the most unique burial monuments of the pre-Roman civilization dating from 2,500 years ago, at the Mediterranean’s largest necropolis. The tombs of Cerveteri, built as homes for the deceased and site of ceremony for surviving family members, provide the greatest testimony to the enigmatic civilization of the Etruscans. With their painted walls, relief sculptures, architectural elements and artefacts of jewelry and vases, these tombs reveal all that remains of the most dominant kingdom in Italy before the Romans. A new digital technology program at the site brings the dead to life. Then have lunch right on the seaside at a Renaissance palace once belonging to a Pope, built on top of the Etruscan port ruins and surrounded by Medieval castles and manicured gardens.

Duration: 5 hours

Sites visited: Necropolis of Cerveteri, La Posta Vecchia.