On this 3.5 hour car tour with private driver and guide, you will travel just beyond the city walls to an archaeological and natural park with ancient ruins set among cypress and umbrella pine trees. You will visit the best preserved section of the ancient city’s defensive walls climbing the towers, defending the city and looking onto the vast countryside. You will walk on famous footsteps on the original Appian Way road paving and along the historic route you will visit several significant burial sites including the labyrinth of the underground Christian catacombs, a solemn WWII memorial, and the ancient tomb monument of Cecilia Metella. This tour escapes the bustle of Rome and allows you to walk underneath the arch of a Roman aqueduct and on top of the city’s defensive walls attached to the most important imperial city gate, imagining what it would have been like to guard the capital of the Empire 2000 years ago. This tour requires a driver.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Sites visited: Underground Christian catacombs, Cecilia Metella tomb, ancient Aurelian wall and St. Sebastian gate, WWII memorial in the Ardeatine caves, Appian Way road paving.