As an art history graduate, living in Rome for me is both magical and practical. The city’s cafes and cobblestones play on countless imaginations. And at the same time the city’s quality of being an open air museum makes it the most logical place to study Italian history, design, and culture. I have had the opportunity to study in both Florence and Rome and specialize in Renaissance architecture and the Etruscan civilization by learning out in the field and living history. It is now my great fortune to share my knowledge and passion for Italian art, architecture and culture though private walks of the eternal city and freelance travel writing.

I have been working as a private tour guide and writer based in Rome for more than 15 years and am an Official Italian licensed guide, Guida Nazionale with the Regione Lazio in Rome. My tours are recommended by the United States Embassy in Rome and I have been featured in the Buffalo News and I have appeared on the Travel Channel. My travel articles have been featured in The New York Post, The Patriot Ledger, Buffalo Magazine, Wanted in Rome magazine and in AAA travel guides. I am passionate about exploring and sharing the complex layers of Rome and promoting local businesses. I work with specialists in various faculties and tours with me and my team are private and specialized.